THURSDAY, 7 September

9:00 - 9:30 REGISTRATION
Faculty of Arts, Palacky University, Křížkovského 12
Room Nr. 1.17

ROUND TABLE (in English)
9:45–12.00, Room: 1.17

Topic: People in Economics – Decisions, Behavior and Normative Models

Guests presentations and discussion:
Sheraz Ahmed (Lappeenranta University of Technology, School of Business and Management) Mariia Kozlova (Lappeenranta University of Technology, School of Business and Management)
Jakub Fischer (University of Economics, Prague)
Jan Stoklasa (Palacky University, Olomouc)

THE 1ST SESSION (in Czech)
9:45–12.00, Room: 2.18

Jana Geršlová: Decision-making of the Pittel & Brausewetter Firm during the Period of Socio-political Changes from the End of the 19th Century to the First Half of the 20th Century: Family or Management?

Ilona Bazantova: Karel Engliš's Views on Competition

Irena Paličková: Crime Economics: Case of the Czech Republic

Ivana Mišúnová Hudáková: Evaluation and Impact of Factors on Creation of Business Strategy in Startups. Survey results


Mário Molokáč: Destination Visitor Monitoring Limits

Jana Marie Šafránková: Students Knowledge of Human Resources Management for Management in Public Sector

Jiří Rybička: Self-reflection of the University Students in Financial Literacy

12:00–13:00 LUNCH BREAK

THE 2ND SESSION (in English)
13:00-17:30 Room: 1.17

Jaroslava Kubátová: Conscious Leadership as one of the Pillars of Conscious Business

Jarmila Zouharová: Negotiation – Process, Skills, Strategy

Omar Ward: The Role of Economies of Renewable Energy in Achieving Sustainable Economic Development in Arab Countries

Janusz Wielki: Ad-blocking as New Form of the Impact of Electronic Space on Business Organizations

Roman Kotapski: Budget in Poviat Health Centre


Lucasz Wsciubiak: How do Polish Firms Protect their Innovations from Imitation?

Antonín Pavlíček: Impact of Gender and Personality Traits on Preferred Pricing on Use of Coupons

Klára Šimonová: Generation Z´s Perception of Trust in Relation to Knowledge

Karolina Rybicka: IT Systems in Supply Chain Management


Michał Chalastra: High Decentralization of Management in Creating a Strategic Budget - Presentation of a Case Study of a Manufacturing Company

Anna Siemionek: Potential Threats during Controlling System Implementation and Financial Controlling System Budgeting

Magdalena Raftowicz-Filipkiewcz: The Impact of the Human and Social Capital on the Circular Economy Development in European Union

Marcin Kowalewski: The New Approach to Zero-based Budgeting

THE 3RD SESSION (in English)
13:00-17:30, Room: 2.18

Bodgan Oancea: The Return to Higher Education: Evidence from Romania

Richard Pospíšil: The Current Situation of Public Budgets of Municipalities and Local Government Units in the Czech Republic

Dana Junková: Knowledge Management in the Police Practice in the Link to the Human Resources Management

Eva Kovářová: Cross-Country Comparison of the Human Well-being in the European OECD Member Countries

Marcel Novak: The Expanded Asset Purchase Programms - Application of Various Theories


Magdalena Szyszko: Consumers’ Inflation Expectations in the EU countries. Does Monetary Policy Explain their Forward-lookingness?

Sabina Rokita: Problems with the Economic Efficiency Measuring of Local Government Units in Poland

Joanna Nakonieczny: Cost Accounting in a Manufacturing Company

Renata Biadacz: Ethics in Accounting in the Context of Corporate Social Responsibility

Maria Golec: Business Models of Cooperative Banks on the Example of a Group of Banks in Poland


Marzena Remlein: Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting by Polish public companies

Małgorzata Rówińska: Financial Instruments in Financial Statements of Polish Public Companies

Jolanta Rubik: Labor Costs and their Rules of Optimization in Poland

Jana Janičková: Sharing and Doing Business

THE 4TH SESSION (in Czech)
13:00-17:30, Room: 1.07

Ján Lisý: Some Theoretical Concepts of Unemployment versus Empirical Experience

Daria Rozborilova: Modification of the height, structure and allocation of public investment in education - the imperative of today

Aleš Kozubík: Longevity Risk in the Czech Life Insurance Market

Zdeněk Hraba: Regulating the Use of So-called Significant Market Power in the Czech Republic

Zdenka Poláková: Impact of a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on the Automotive Industry of Slovakia


Aleš Kubát: Yoga, Health and Business

Michal Müller: Real People in Economics and the Challenge of Neuroscience

Lukáš Pavlík: Mathematical Methods as a Tools for the Identification of Assets within the Organization Providing Insurance against Cyber Risk

Enikő Korcsmáros: SMEs as the Key of Economic Development

Jindra Stříbrská: Development of Professional Communication and Presentation Skills


Barbara Hlavoňová: The Present Condition of Tourist Comfort in Mining Tourism in Slovakia

Zuzana Kozubíková: Analysis of the Impact of Economic Education on the Level of Financial Literacy

Marek Ďurica: Comparative Analysis of Financial Distress Prediction Models for Slovak Companies

Eleonóra Matoušková: Unemployment of Graduates and Young People in Slovakia

Umělecké centrum UP, Univerzitní 3, Olomouc
19:00 - 22:00 SOCIAL EVENING
Umělecké centrum UP, Univerzitní 3, Olomouc


THE 5TH SESSION (in English)
9:30–13:00, Room: 1.17

Mikeal Collan: What Attracts Investors to Equity-based Crowdfunding? Results from an Exploratory Survey in Finland

Jan Stoklasa: The Issue of Data Quality in Economic Practice – Challenges and Available Tools

Renáta Tkáčová: Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Trade

Dana Bernadrová: CSR and Its Educational Potential for Economic Subjects


Katarina Zimermanova: New Possibilities for Cooperation in the Activities of SMEs Business

Agnieszka Springer: Game as a Tool for Developing the Competence of Project Managers in the IT Branch

Martin Drastich: Experience with Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014)

Marcin Relich: A Model of Knowledge Acquisition for New Product Development Projects in Mass Customisation


Radoslaw Walczak: Why do Objective Wage Levels Have Lesser Impact than Relative Earnings on Work Satisfaction? Comparison of Objective and Subjective Work Evaluations in the Context of Job Choice Decisions

Gulnara Chernobaeva: Possibilities of the Use of Contextual Monitoring of the Quality of Marketing Support for Social Entrepreneurship Projects

Katarzyna Witczyńska: Tools for controlling the manufacturing process in international companies

THE 6TH SESSION (in Czech)
9:30–13:00, Room: 2.18

Jiří Nožička: Relations among Selected Macroeconomic Indicators and Natality

Roman Zuzák: Early Warning Systems for Strategic and Crisis Management

Pavol Budaj: Shift Paradigms and Synergy Effects of Management

Zdena Dobešová – Karel Macků: Analysis of Similarities in Context of Enterprise Innovations


Ľubomír Darmo: Providing of Investment Incentives in the Slovak Republic

Ondřej Kročil: Social Entrepreneurship: its Definition and Position in the Economic Environment of the Czech Republic

Dominika Bobálová: Public Financing in Sport: Zlín Region


(in English)

Barbora Haltofová: Fostering Community Engagement through Crowdsourcing: Case Studies from the Czech Republic

David Kosina: Development of Intercultural Competence of Global Virtual Teams

Jana Mandrlová: Quality Labels of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Pavel Melich: Historical Development of Connectivity between Industry 4.0 and Inbound Logistics


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