THURSDAY, 6 September

9:00 - 9:30 REGISTRATION
Faculty of Arts, Palacky University, Křížkovského 12
Room Nr. 1.17

10:00–11:15, Room: 1.17

Topic: Public Finances in the Background of Sustainable Development
Richard Pospíšil (Palacky University, Olomouc)
Bogdan Oancea (University of Bucharest)


THE 1ST SESSION (in English)
11:30-13:00, Room: 1.17
Chairman: Jan Stoklasa

Exploring the Adoption of Cloud-Based ERP Systems in the Nordic Countries
Mikael Collan

Lossless Representation of Questionnaire Data and its Aggregation in Social Science and Marketing Research
Jan Stoklasa

Three-Dimensional Histogram Visualization of the Performance of Linguistic Approximation of Asymmetrical Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
Tomáš Talášek

Talent, Toleration and Technology as the Source of Regional Development in Lower Silesia Province in Poland
Magdalena Raftowicz-Filipkiewcz, Mirosław Struś

Designing of an Activity-Based Information System as a Part of Management Accountants Education
Arkadiusz Januszewski

THE 2ND SESSION (in Czech)
11:30-13:00 Room: 2.18
Chairman: Jana Geršlová, Jaroslava Kubátová

„To Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well“ – Hardtmuth Versus Faber-Castell
Jana Geršlová

State Monopolies in Interwar Period in Czechoslovakia
Ilona Bažantová

Value Management – Modern Method in the Business Management
Zuzana Chodasová

Association of Innovations with the Enterprise Group Membership
Zdena Dobesova, Vít Pászto, Jan Pinos

Meeting the Objectives of Smart Growth in Slovakia in the Context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Agenda 2030
Vladimír Gonda

13:00–14:30 LUNCH BREAK

THE 3RD SESSION (in English)
14:30-18:00, Room: 1.17
Chairman: Richard Pospíšil

Filmmaking Financing through Crowdfunding. An Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Financing Proposals
Mina Fanea-Ivanovici

Timetable for Sustainable Controlling Implementation
Anna Siemionek

An Analysis of Ad-Blocking Phenomenon in the Light of Empirical Research on Heavy Internet Users in Poland
Janusz Wielki


Effectiveness of Spending Funds under Measure 8.1 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program for Supporting Microenterprises of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
Wojciech Kozłowski

Managerial Techniques and Tactics Today, 10 Years since the Beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. Using Psychology and Psychological Methods in Current Managerial Practice
Jarmila Zouharová

Challanges of Implementing Internal Control Systems in Polish Enterprises
Anna Siemionek


Facilitating Internal and External Factors for Establishment of Benchmarking Partnership by the Cluster Enterprises in the Context of the Empirical Research – The Case of Poland
Magdalena Szydełko

Development of Balanced Scorecard Perspectives for the Polish City of Olsztyn
Malgorzata Siemionek-Ruskan

THE 4TH SESSION (in Czech)
14:30-18:00, Room: 2.18
Chairman: Pavla Slavíčková, Ondřej Kročil

The Analysis of the Competencies and Professional Skills in the Presentation Materials Preparation
Jiří Rybička

Parameters Influencing the Creation of a Business Strategy in Startups
Ivana Mišúnová Hudáková

Risk Factors of the Yields in the Czech Bond Market
Aleš Kozubík


General Data Protection Regulation 679/EU/2016
Martin Drastich

Comparison of Applied Fiscal Policy in Selected Eurozone Countries and Identification of Differences In Its Effectiveness
Marta Martincová

The Impact of ECB Monetary Policy Decisions on European Economy
Marcel Novak


On the Durability of Knowledge in Financial and Investment Making
Zuzana Kozubíková

How Can Social Enterprises Benefit From Content Marketing? Customer and Employee Psychology
Ondřej Kročil

19:00–20:00 GUIDED TOUR
Meeting point: Křížkovského 12 (in front of the building)
20:00–23:00 SOCIAL EVENING
Cafe 87, Denisova 47 (terrace in the first floor)


THE 5TH SESSION (in English)
10:00–13:00, Room: 1.17
Chairman: Jaroslava Kubátová, David Kosina

Integration of „Feminine“ and „Masculine“ Values in Business Leadership
Jaroslava Kubátová

Outsourcing as a Form of Cost Optimization of the Hospitality Industry Side Activities
Eva Mičková

Role of Leadership in Overcoming Intercultural Challenges of Global Virtual Teams
David Kosina


The Relation between Trust and Openness on Communication in the Workplace
Dagmar Charvátová

The Application of the Lean Management Approach in the Process of Evolution of Enterprise Management
Malgorzata Legowik-Malolepsza

Should the Government Pay More to Public Sector Employees? Impact of Subjective Wage Perception and Core Self-Evaluations on Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing in Public and Private Sector Workers
Radosław Walczak

Practice of CSR among Polish Enterprises - Findings of Research
Honorata Howaniec


Determinants of Running a Business - An Example of Poland and the Czech Republic
Patrycija Krawczyk

Motivation of Employees of Czech Smes in Terms of Age
Lenka Ližbetinová

Options of Cybernetic Safety Marketing in the Knowledge Company
Jiří Konečný

THE 6TH SESSION (in English)
10:00–13:00, Room: 2.18
Chairman: Jan Stoklasa, Tomáš Talášek

Motivation of Foreign Investors for Disinvestment in Host Countries
Ľubomír Darmo

Non-Financial Reporting of the Financial Sector in Europe in the Light of the New EU Regulations and Selected International Trends
Jutyna Berniak-Woźny

Public Procurement Law and the Crowding-Out Effect, Taxes and Finance
Philipp Kunz


Problems of Implementation Management Accounting Systems in Polish Hospitals – Selected Problems
Roman Kotapski

Accounting Policy of Long-Term Material and Non-Material Assets of Listed Companies in Croatia and Poland
Vlasta Roska

Taxation of Agriculture in Poland in the Context of the Sustainable Development Paradigm
Emilia Konopska-Struś


Is It Time To Audit Controlling?
Michał Chałastra

Corruption in Governmental Organization
Petr Wawrosz

Timetable for Sustainable Controlling Implementation
Anna Siemionek

The Ethical Background of Sustainable Decision-Making in an Uncertain World
Michal Müller


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